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Hey! I’m Barsha – an energetic freelance blogger and copywriter specialized in “Alternative Wellness”.

Alternative Wellness? What does it include?

Some examples of Alternative Wellness are


  • CBD oils or Cannabis
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Therapies

But not limited to these topics 🙂

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What to expect?


Well-researched long form content

According to search Metrics, most of the highly ranked articles on google have an average word count of 1140-1285 words. In order to engage your readers, you must need to create content with great value. And a well researched long form content can satisfy the cravings of your audience as well as webmaster tools.

Reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate is a crucial factor to consider while working digitally. And it is evident that quality content helps to reduce bounce rate by increasing readers engagement on a web page.


Get more visibility by powerful SEO tactics

SEO makes contents rich by increasing visibility in webmaster tools and as a digital marketer I will help you create search engine optimized contents. This will decrease your efforts and you’ll get a higher ranking in a small period.

Get more social shares

According to an article showing different case studies about long-form articles, well-researched, long-form articles attract more social shares and has a great role in increasing the authority of a site. That’s the thing on which I’m specialized in. Thus you’ll get more referral traffic.

More organic traffic equals to more sales

High-quality content will lead you better ranking over search engines and that will help you get more traffic organically. This will increase the chances of generating more leads by reaching potential customers more often.

Create brand awareness

Creating an ideal customer profile is one of my content strategies. It helps me to know potential customers better, and their pain points. That will assist companies to grow their brand value by building trust among their customers.

About me

I’m an Indian blogger, freelance writer, copywriter and content strategist having expertise in writing long-form blog-posts and creative web copies  for improving sales and raising brand awareness. I have written affiliate reviews, web copies, study materials and blog posts for various content farms as a ghostwriter. With my content marketing strategies, now I’m available to work as a professional freelance writer.

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