I’m Barsha, a Versatile writer in Personal Wellness.

Barsha is a copywriter and blogger passionate about learning and spreading wisdom on mental wellness. After considering some close cases in the past few years, she realized the importance of mental awareness. 

As stated by a study in 2020, 75% of mental illness continues till 24, but 50% begins from the age of 14. And it’s not surprising that most of our youth are suffering from mild to chronic mental illness that they can’t express their feelings.

Most people in our society take mental illness as a minor problem. However, it’s the major cause of suicide among teenagers nowadays. This only states that there’s a lack of mental awareness, and people don’t know how to express their emotions.

And with a vision of empowering our population who are suffering but can’t get help, she started her journey. By learning more about mental wellness and personal improvement topics, she can spread consciousness among the youth of this world. 

For making harmony between personal and professional life, she fuses yogic practices and well-being into her daily schedule. With an innovative psyche, Barsha discovers her zone while making paper crafts and doodles as a side interest and web illustrations for her business, making her content engaging. 

At present, Barsha is available to work remotely as a mental wellness blogger or copywriter and always ready to handle a tedious task efficiently. Get in touch by connecting to [email protected].


My Philosophy


To know the ideal customers and their psychology of a company

By knowing the psychology of a buyer or a reader, we tends to focus more on their problems and content based on real issues assists in creating genuine content.


To validate claims from practical knowledge with research

Content without proper validation creates confusion and provides a poor customer experience. Thus, a strong research on the subject matter is one of my strengths.


To craft and polish the content creatively

My final philosophy of creating leads generating content is to organizing and polishing the content correctly and efficiently. This is the last and the most important step in creative writing.

Your Content is Your Image

Content creation and marketing is the primary step a company can take to improve its brand image and to create more qualified leads. And as a copywriter, I will assist you to the greatest.


Generate Qualified Leads


Increase Email Subscribers


Grow Revenue

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