Let’s Take #MorningMagic Challenge

Now you must be wondering, what does the #morningmagic challenge mean?

Well, let me share the back story with you.

On 11th November 2020, I have completed a Lynda course by Jessica Brody — productivity hacks for writers.

At that time, I was on a quest for learning how to make the writing process less like a chore and more like riding a roller coaster. And genuinely, it has helped me a lot.

However, I can’t take enough juices from this course. That means I can’t take action after taking the course.

Of course, I downloaded all the materials. But, forgot right after the moment of organizing it into my laptop folders. Relatable, huh?

And now, after almost a year and two months, when I was organizing my folders to see what unnecessary things I’ve and got all the valuable files.

No! I haven’t forgotten about the course. But I am seriously missing the course learnings. And I forgot about the materials.

And today, as I found that and went through one of those files, my eyes brightened with hopes to become a more productive writer.

Enough talk, now let me tell you what is that #morningmagic challenge means.

What is the #morningmagic challenge?

Inside the course, our instructor, a great author of so many books (can’t remember how many actually), has described that writing won’t come naturally when you don’t work on it.

That means, to let the words flow at a particular time every day, you need to make a morning magic routine.

She has described the magical morning routine that causes her to become an extremely productive writer. And that’s certainly making me feel like I will be a happy writer now further.

Her routine includes some sequence of habits like

  • meditation
  • eating and drinking the same things before writing
  • exercising
  • Dressing up into a specific pair of clothes
  • Listening to the same brain wave music

And so on.

You don’t have to follow the same as Jessica or me (check her course here, it’s incredible!).

You can make anything of your choice.

As per my morning, I will follow certain behaviors for 30-days to make the productive writer thang happen.

Are you with me?

Oh! Great! You can check my other blog to know where you should start writing (you’ll find the most fantastic writing tips and resources there ;)).

Now let me explain to you a bit about the challenge.

30-days moring magic challenge:

  • Step-1: know you’re why

So, first I’m going to go through the exercise with you. Write on your journal, notebook, or any paper (that won’t be lost) about your reason for becoming a more productive writer.

(Well, I think this blog post will better fit with my other blog because that is entirely on writing. I will consider switching if needed.)

Now write a few questions like:

  • Why do you want to become a productive writer?
  • How do you feel after implementing the 30-day effective writing rituals and writing productively?

I’m going before you. Let’s see why for doing this challenge.

Firstly, I want to become a productive writer because if I will successfully sit down and write (I’m still doing but not as it’s my work), I’ll feel happy and accomplished at the end of the month.

I will have more contents to publish on my blogs. I will post more often on my social media profile (especially LinkedIn).

I will complete my client’s works soon and get the payment soon.

I will focus more on things that I love doing, and I can read and learn new things more often.

I will be able to guest post on more blogs and more often.

And finally, I can write books and other forms of writings.

So, I have a lot of solid reasons to start with this morning magic routine.

Now, the next thing is how I will fill. I will feel less guilty, anxious, frustrated, and stressed at the end of each month and each year. And that will lead me towards less procrastination and less overthinking. So, I’m thrilled to start this.

  • Step-2: write your morning magic routine (your sacred writing ritual)

Now, as you have a reason why at hand, planning your morning magic routine is the next step.

To keep this as a habit, I’m skipping research-needed writing pieces away that morning.

And another habit I will adopt is choosing and outlining a topic (if possible) after each completed article.

So my morning ritual will look something like this:

  1. Work out + LinkedIn post
  2. open my laptop and the page
  3. take shower
  4. prepare your breakfast
  5. eat and wash dish
  6. sit down and turn on the meditation music
  7. Three deep breaths
  8. start writing
  9. count the words after you finish

This is mine. Write your own!

  • Step-3: Jot down the date of implementation

The next step is to write your date of implementation. After reading the book Tiny Habits (I will share the lessons soon), I adopted a few habits just a few days ago. So, now I’m adding just a few more to make writing a solid routine.

So, my implementation date will be tomorrow. The 14th January 2022. It’s Makar Sankranti here in my locality. (Well, new topic to share about this festival with you all)

  • Step-4: Write down your target and track it every day

My target will be just 100 words from my journal writing topic. And will expand it to more from there if I want. It all depends on my state of mind. I genuinely never feel like writing in the morning or any other time until I force myself to sit down and scribble down.

So, it will be easier. I will write 100 words from the topic of my journal. And then I could quit or go far. Or set a 25 mins timer to work on my client project.

Yeah. After writing my 100 words, I will take a 5-10 mins break and continue writing my client project. As the client project is tricky, I’ll write just one small pomochunk (well, I will share what’s this later) and do that within the time frame. Again small break and work done.

After my tasks, I will be free to do whatever I want.

And at the end of completing my tasks, I will track how many words I have written that day because of my morning magic routine.

  • Step-5: Keep up with the process for 30-days

This is the most straightforward step but the most difficult one to keep up. And once I will do this a habit, I will be happier and blessed to work towards my goal of being a writer.

So, what will be your reaction after doing this #morningmagic challenge for 30 days?

Let me know in the comment section!

  • Step-6: Track your progress on the last day

And after your 30-days of successfully following and tracking your morning magic routine, the last step remain is tracking your overall progress and feelings.

Write the average word you’ve written so far till the end. And that’s how much improvement before taking the challenge. Write it down in your journal.

I will share my progress with you after 30-days. Expect me to come up with new article ideas every in a while. Till then, stay blessed, guys! And let’s take this challenge.

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